Dave J Hayes, PhD is a neuroscientist exploring the impact of pleasant and unpleasant events on brains and behaviour.

We are more than our brain.

We are a product of our external and internal environments, past, present, and future.

We are constantly influenced by both conscious and nonconscious processing.

I explore affective brain circuits and ask how they contribute to well-being and unwanted behaviours. 
Affective Neuroscience explores how we process and respond to positive and negative stimuli/events in the world.

How does our brain encode subjective experiences? How do unconscious emotions guide behaviour? 

I am a Visiting Professor at Union College, in Psychology & Neuroscience, and I explore these kinds of questions conceptually and with the use of behavioural, pharmacological, & brain imaging techniques in animals and humans. 

Current questions & pr oje cts include:

How do brain networks encode unpleasant/aversive and pleasant/appetitive stimuli? 

How do early life stressors and trauma change affective brain circuits and responses in adults?

How can affective measures of brain and behaviour help better categorize, characterize, and treat mental illnesses 
and their most common symptoms (e.g. alterations in affect/mood, anxiety, impulsivity)?

Do individual affective profiles predict outcomes for neurorehabilitation? 
Collaborators & Colleagues

Niall W. Duncan
Taipei Medical University

Christine Wiebking

Ulm University

Adrianne Huxtable
University of Oregon

Takashi Nakao
Hiroshima University

Pengmin Qin
University of Ottawa

Yasmine Van Wilt
Union College & Columbia University
Mojgan Hodaie
University of Toronto

Georg Northoff
University of Ottawa

Jeffrey Dalley
University of Cambridge

Andy Greenshaw
University of Alberta

Cay Anderson-Hanley
Union College

John Yeomans (retired)
University of Toronto